We are an incubator of social initiatives and active citizenship that aims to educate future leaders, connect them and offer them mentorship.

Our mission is education in the field of participation, connecting people into groups, facilitation of their ideas about social change, boosting their initiatives and being active change maker for the better world on the basis of our main value – human dignity.
Fields of work:
•Civic education
•Youth work and youth participation
•Hub of civic initiatives
•Life coaching and guidance
Possible project ideas:
•E-learning concerning active citizenship
•School of future social catalysts and change-makers
•Learning active citizenship through production of documentary movies

Competence and Expertise Offered

We can offer a knowledge in the following fields:
•Principles and methods of a successful youth work
•Backpack Journalism – a tool for social responsibility of individuals
•Production of Documentary movies as a tool for gaining civic competences
•Self-leadership and self-guidance of young people in the era of 4th industrial revolution
•Leadership trainings
•Running incubator (hub) of civic initiatives
•Biographical Learning as a tool for civic education
•Digital Youth Work

Expertise sought

We are seeking expertise and partners in the following fields:
•Additional mentoring and coaching skills
•Additional marketing skill
•Further development of innovative youth work approaches and quality youth work
•Partnerships in the field of multimedia and common productions
•Partnership in the field of leadership development and change-making