Nonprofit society made up of individuals with vast experience in work within various other voluntary organisations and missions.

– design, promotion and implementation of projects related to safety in the field of fire protection, civil protection, and environmental topics;
– support to projects related to preservation of cultural heritage;
– sustainable human development;
– building civic capacity of the vulnerable;
– promotion of volunteering;
– strengthening NGOs capacity in decision making and civic action;
– lifelong learning for social inclusion and active citizenship;
– community building.

Competence and Expertise Offered

– Developing technological products, services and concepts that can benefit society;
– Organizing project activities, events and meetings to promote innovation in the field of safety and ecology;
– Participation in actions related to forest protection and fire fighting;
– Publication of guides, books, leaflets and audiovisual material for the civilian and environmental protection;
– Promotion of social entrepreneurship.

Expertise sought

Informal training on active citizenship and inclusive awareness raising activities in the field of safety and ecology. We promote training sessions and awareness raising activities attractive to all generations, raising their interest in civic participation. In this context we also need expertise in developing effective measures focused on involving youth into volunteering and community building. Our organisation is open to different forms of mutually fruitful partnership.