Society for the Care of Minors and Youth protects minors who are in a state of emergency regardless of origin, religion and sexual orientation.

Society for the Care of Minors and Youth provides to children and youngsters hospitality, welfare, care and support in line with the convention on the Rights of the Child, laws and agreements of the European Union and any relevant recommendations and guidelines of the European Commission. SMAN offers supporting services and empowerment to minors and youth which will seek to create opportunities for inclusion and equal active participation in Greek society.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Society for the Care of Minors and Youth was established in 1924; SMAN has always been offering services to children and youngsters as a family would do, and children feel the shelter is their house. During the past years SMAN has successfully implemented projects aiming to raise awareness regarding the difficulties unaccompanied minors are facing; workshops that bring together local society with SMAN beneficiaries aiming social integration; labs supporting empowerment and social inclusion.

Expertise sought

Society for the Care of Minors and Youth has always been looking for partners and friends to share know-how and best practices in innovative activities and new projects, especially ideas of how youngsters can be supported for their future, like to begin a professional career. Also, how civil society organizations can network with companies in order to have new job openings, which will take in consideration the characteristics of socially vulnerable groups, such as unaccompanied minors.