The Society aims to improve communication with public administrations, encourage cultural exchange, preserve uniqueness and diversity of communiti

The Society involves the inhabitants in issues that affect socio-economic aspects of life. Each experience, regardless of the specific issues addressed, is significant and helpful. The Society works on issues that are important for sustainability of living in sparsely populated areas of Latvia. The Society is looking for partners from other countries to gain and exchange experience.
The Society is working on an art platform for children to develop their visual arts skills by professional art educators. The Society is interested in cooperation with like-minded people.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Members of the Society have extensive experience in ensuring cooperation of ordinary people with public administrations, international groups and the EU institutions. The Society’s team includes experts in international law and the EU law, specialists in agriculture, linguistics, visual arts, economics and persons involved in running a household. By practical involvement of active people in solving problems, the teamwork is improved every year and the range of persons involved is expanded.

Expertise sought

In cooperation with non-governmental organizations from other countries, we would like to exchange experience in solving similar issues, and break down communication barriers created by cultural differences. Exchanging ideas and personal meetings strengthen the belief that anything is possible if we do it together. That’s why it is significant that positive change can be achieved much quicker if instead of “reinventing the wheel” we use the knowledge that others already have from experience.