We are a multi-faceted organisation, which stands on four pillars: Social Solidarity; Volunteering; Overseas Development; and Research and Training.

SOS Malta works with both local and overseas partners. The organisation assists socially disadvantaged groups in improving their quality of life by providing support services and opportunities to implement development and change. SOS Malta encourages advocacy on behalf of social causes and promotes models of good care and practice. SOS Malta also promotes volunteerism for effective sustainable development.

Competence and Expertise Offered

SOS Malta has a good track record of implementation of diverse projects predominantly focused on the improvement of societal wellbeing within Malta and overseas. Our expertise is, among others in online support service provision, volunteer management, management and implementation of projects, financial management, proposal writing. SOS Malta is the fund operator for the Active Citizens Fund in Malta.

Expertise sought

SOS Malta manages projects and seeks to continue collaborations on the following topics: online emotional support services for youth and victims/survivors of gender-based violence, combating cyberbullying, restorative practices, work related to combating and countering hate speech and hate crime, development and humanitarian assistance.