The Sports Club ENDURANCH has as goal and objectives the promotion of sports activities, especially to support and develop sports activities in nature

ENDURANCH works also on:
Developing and sustaining the social, economic and ecological processes in the territory – capable of leading to the sustainable development necessary to restore the balance between nature and man – by developing sports activities in nature;
Conservation of nature and the development of sustainable sports tourism and experiential tourism;
Contribution to the creation and promotion of a well-defined image of Romania and especially of Iasi as an ecotourism and sports destination at international level;
Developing sports services and infrastructure in nature and so on

Competence and Expertise Offered

The NGO was set up in June 2018 – and since then many events were organized locally, with spreader impact and visibility.
The staff and collaborators have such experience – local, regional, national and international programs and projects.
Also, the expertise offered is of writing and setting-up applications, if needed

Expertise sought

Seeking for a partner with greater organizational experience.
Developing all sides of the sports activity, including environment protection, green energy use, R&D activities. Developing HR involvement and readiness for implementing vision-size projects. Know-how exchange, developing knowledge, networking. Technology and innovation development and testing in various sports.
Landscaping and maintenance equipment, surveillance equipment, timing equipment, renewable energy and so on