Spoudaia Events is a a non-profit organization that create & support cultural movements aimed at funding & promoting actions that benefit society.

At Spoudaia Events the public is the one who chooses the organizations and the act that will be supported through open voting on the internet. So far more than 10,000 people have replied to our polls and we supported it, with a great event!

Some of our past events include:
• Music concerts with tp-tier artists in Greece, Stand-Up Comedy and other events in the darkness (raise awareness about the difficulties that people with limtied sight vision endure daily and help the public exprerience a music concert or other event in similar conditions – no light)

Competence and Expertise Offered

At Spoudaia Events the public is the one who chooses the organizations.

Our role is to enhance their innovative ideas with our fundamental knowledge in event planning and move together towards a future with more opportunities.

We are expertised in:
• Event Management
• Social/Public Polls
• Storytelling
• Public Speaking
• Public Relations
• NGOs movements in Greece

Expertise sought

We mainly seek for:
• Funds in order to assist us in our goals
• Partners abroad in order to make more concerts/events in the dark with top-tier artists in Greece
• Growth Hacking
• Business Automations