“STATUS” is a public school of public utility (youth and adult education and training).

Promoting a results-oriented (post-secondary) capacity building programme (1 – labour market integration; 2 – youth entrepreneurship and creation of own business/brand; 3 – support for further studies; 4 – creation of projects that enable community and social development), that is, project the student into the future by constructing innovative responses that correspond to all their choices.

Competence and Expertise Offered

+ Train and qualify young people in a professional career in companies or organisations, according to their LIFE PROJECT.#PROstart – Creation of an incubator with specialized monitoring, accelerating the process and reducing costs, adapting methodologies to students without knowledge of business; #PROmercado – training program in order to qualify young people to their professional career or entities, to help them to be successful and to boost their employability; and others…

Expertise sought

Sharing of best practices and exchange of experience regarding the purpose of the project; Exchange of initiatives, models, improved or adapted on the subject;Discussion on education and training policies and best practices at European level;Consultation on the possibility of implementing #PRO360 as a pilot project; Collection and analysis of results and impact of a possible