An organization active in the field of artistic and social projects at national and international level. Specialization: music, film and ecology.

Association ARTwarium holds a permanent program of classes as well as a set of regular workshops, including:
– vocal studio
– vocal workshops for children
– theatrical and acting workshops
– film workshops
– photography workshops
– guitar workshops
– African drums workshops
– short films workshops
– modern dance workshops
– visual arts workshops
– radio play workshops
– painting school
– music projects etc.
The purpose of the association is to conduct cultural, media, educational, artistic and social
activities, in particular in the organization of cultural and artistic events.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Project coordinator is a member of non-governmental organizations, experienced in project implementation; assistance in implementing the plan and monitoring the project. The person assisting and supporting the volunteers in their actions will pay special attention to project team building. Our association has already gained some experience in international volunteering. We had an opportunity to participate in an international youth exchange: Israel, Portugal and Germany etc.

Expertise sought

We are looking for:
1. Organizations that operate in the field of cultural, music and ecological projects.
2. Cooperate with youth groups in their regions.
3. Are open to cooperation with business partners operating in the ecological area (including green energy).
4. Are open to the organization of a music event in the form of workshops and a festival – combined with ecological solutions.
5. Have some experience in international exchange and volunteering projects.