We work for local heritage, mainly in small towns and villages. We want local communities to be actively involved in positive change around them.

We visit small villages and organize artistic and creative workshops for residents. We care about memory, looking at what today and tomorrow. We organize activities related to the region’s former multiculturalism (especially in relation to the Jewish community). We want to carry out activities not “for” people, but “together” with them. We activate the inhabitants of small towns, create partnerships with social activists and local NGOs.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have experience in working with small, local communities, as well as in building a cultural offer for different age groups. We also organized various activities related to local heritage, memorial sites of the Jewish community, involving children and young people. We include artists, botanists, architects and representatives of other fields in our activities.

Expertise sought

We are looking for organizations and people operating in a similar area – small communities, localities, exposed to various exclusions. We want to exchange experiences, but above all to learn about other ideas, ways to build a civil society. We want to show these examples in our region and actively involve in various activities.