Contributes to community development and active citizenship through increased access to education, promotion of volunteerism and sustainability.

Suncokret – aims to alleviate negative postwar effects in a rural, deprived, ethically divided community.
-Social inclusion of children/youth and long term unemployed refugees
-Improving quality of life through volunteerism and active civic participation
-Youth empowerment through non formal education and activities that otherwise would not be available

New project ideas
-Social innovation and social entrepreneurship to revitalize a rural community
-Non-formal environmental education and promotion of sustainability
– Preserving natural, cultural heritage and local skills

Competence and Expertise Offered

In our 16 years of work we have gained experience in project management and administration. We offer extensive experience in community actions, volunteer projects, international volunteer camps, volunteer management and youth mobility programs. We have many years of experience in local, regional and international partnerships and program management. We have much experience in working with youth work and socially excluded individuals.

Expertise sought

We seek partners with expertise in work with rural communities and hope to exchange best practices in local community revitalization and active participation.
We seek partners with the following expertise:
– Experience in sustainable rural tourism development
-Social entrepreneurship and social innovation experience
-Experience in working with rural communities and community development and empowerment
-Best practices in rural community development and revitalization