NGO is focusing on helping every family who is in crisis to get areas we work: prevention and intervention, foster care, disabilities.

We work in preventive work with families: counseling, parenting skills training, family hikes, stress management camps (for teenagers, parents) social skills camps for teenagers, workshops for parents and teenagers seeking mutual relationship.
Complex services for all the family depending on the need (social worker, psychologist, psychotherapist, educator, mediator)
Prepare foster parents, make assessment, support
Support parents who have children with emotional and behavior problems/disabilities
Would like cooperation in working with families in mental health area prevention/intervention

Competence and Expertise Offered

We are multi-professional team with 20 staff members from different professions: social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists, educators, mediator.
Multi-professional approach provides different views and better services for all age, social background, varied problems having people.
We have experience providing services for families from big cities and rural areas in the country. The team is the highest competence staff, participating in national and international projects and trainings.

Expertise sought

We would like cooperation in working with families.We look for new methods, experience and best possibilities to encourage all family members and community. Especially we would like to to cooperate in mental health area – it’s prevention and intervention.
We are looking for organisations working in different fields that support mental health of children and youth, and having positive experience working with all the family and community providing services and education in the mental health field