We work towards lowering our ecological footprint and raising our quality of life – by engaging citizens in local communities in their own context.

Scalable local sustainability and climate solutions and social entrepreneurship with a global impact. Some of our projects:
Sustainability innovation program for young people
Ideation workshops for local community groups
Building allotment gardens and roof gardens
Urban farming projects
Edible forest – perennial edible plants in a Nordic climate
The Thingary – a sharing solution for things we don’t need to own
3D-printing with biodegradable materials – open workshops
Repair workshops
Green street festivals
Reskilling and redesign
Building supportive neighbourhood networks
Climate science 101

Competence and Expertise Offered

Design Thinking innovation method
Workshop facilitation
Communicating Sustainability and Climate Solutions
Mobilization strategies
Project and concept development
Project management
Speaker coaching
Urban farming
Repair and redesign

Expertise sought

Partners in sustainability / climate solution work
Organisational capacity building
Democracy and citizen councils
Connecting anti-racism/-discrimination work and inclusion with sustainability work
Design / webdesign
Film / social media campaigns
Innovative membership solutions