The Synergia foundation is a non-for-profit organization which promotes the social well-being of visually impaired people in Bulgaria.

Synergia Foundation’s main activities encompass project management, social entrepreneurship, training for visually impaired people, innovations in medicine and healthcare for people with visual impairments, audio recordings, audio ads, production and post-production, sound, tactical art, corporate events and trainings, concerts, culinary tastings and tactile tours (urban walks) without the participation of sight, etc.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We provide trainings tailored to the needs of visually impaired. we
also design interactive workshops to be carried out in absolute darkness. At the same time, we have expert knowledge in the organization of campaigns related to health protection, and charity events. Likewise, our expertise includes mentoring and support to young visually impaired employees.

Expertise sought

We are searching for partners who are willing to engage in an Exchange of knowledge, experience and good practices in the fields of advocacy campaigns, active citizenship, human rights protection, inclusive environment with regards to the needs of people with disabilities and visually impaired in particular.