Our strengths are culture, music, design and education. We focus on projects for young people and families with children.

The main goal is to promote the sustainable development of the society’s creative culture and creative processes, the involvement of the local community and integration into diverse cultural events. We implement projects that ensure the development of youth competitiveness and involvement in the real work environment. We organize various cultural events – musical, interdisciplinary and educational, thus activating the involvement of peers of different ages and interests and at the same time promoting the development of creative culture.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our team includes a professional event organizer, design and communication specialist. We have created digital musical short films about Latvian poets, a mobile application for families with children to get to know the attractive urban environment, video stories synthesized with animation so that young children get to know the symbols of the city in an attractive way. We want to create products to educate the public about the ‘green thinking’ lifestyle and its role in sustainability.

Expertise sought

We want to gain experience in how to better involve society in activating cultural life, in co-responsibility in making various political decisions, in developing an environmentally friendly way of life and in activating young people in various areas of life. Currently, society in Latvia is very passive and skeptical.