The Children’s Hospital Foundation takes care of the children’s health through raising help from general public.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation are a reliable partner to children, their parents, our country, medical staff and general public. We are biggest foundation organization in Latvia, who take care about Children’s health.
Main objectives of the Foundation activities: Individual support for children, Support in the education of hospital specialists, Improving the hospital environment, Public education, information on various health issues, etc.
Possible project ideas:
Exchange of experience, participation in discussions, conferences, video series (in the field of children’s health).

Competence and Expertise Offered

The Foundation works closely with medical professionals, parents, donors, the public, the media, other non-governmental organizations involved in promoting children’s health and social well-being, as well as with state authorities to jointly improve the health and social support system for children in Latvia.
The Foundation can provide expertise in improving the quality of life and health of children and young people.

Expertise sought

The Foundation is looking for a cooperation partner working in the field of health, protection of the interests of vulnerable groups (children with disabilities, etc.), protection of human rights (company, association, non-governmental organization)