We are the only organization of its kind in our area focused on bringing education, culture and socialization to the children of our community.

Our specialization is educational and cultural activities for children using American and Greek methods. Our possible project is to learn from other countries educational systems and utilize them in Greece as we did with the American educational system. In return, we can give back our knowledge of the American and Greek educational system to all the European Organizations that are willing to learn and exchange ideas and skills.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Being Greek and American teachers, we can provide to everybody our knowledge of how to be a great inspirator, influencer and leader of the next generation, using multiple methods in a combination. Knowing how the American and Greek systems work, we can overcome all the barriers among Europe and USA and open intersections and untracked paths for our partners.

Expertise sought

Our aim is to find partners who will be willing to exhange their knowledge for the benefit of the new generation, the children. The children of every country are the future. We would like to open paths and create relationships for them, for being active citizens.