An independent think tank based in Poland (Krakow) that specializes in public policies’ analysis, strengthening civil society and social campaigns.

Especially, we specialize in the organization of citizens’ assemblies: we organized the Kraków Climate Citizens’ Assembly (2020-2021) and the Lodz Citizens’ Assembly “Greenery in the City” (2020).

We also:
– conduct public consultations on updating the Kraków Development Strategy;
– are members of the Civil Dialogue Commission for the Environment;
– run Europe Direct point in Krakow;
– run Civic Centre, increasing the civic involvement and the effectiveness of informal groups and NGOs in implementation of their mission.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We are able to support the implementation of the project on many levels and we offer:

– expertise in writing project proposals;
– a wide network of experts in the fields of civil society, deliberative democracy and the environment & energy;
– cooperation with local governments;
– experience in carrying out and planning projects;

For more information about our activities, projects and contact, please visit our website:

Expertise sought

We are looking for the partners to implement projects in the field of our main activities and expertise.

We can get involved as the leader of the project, as well as as an additional partner – we will be happy to arrange all the details and we are open to all suggestions.

We can also help in reaching other partners to implement different projects.

Please reach us via e-mail:; or visit our website, to find out more about us: