The Irish Norwegian Chamber of Commerce supports Irish and Norwegian business in accelerating the Green transition and aligning with the UN SDGs.

We are currently living through the 4th industrial revolution, a time of great transition for how we do business and what we expect from businesses.

Based in Norway, known for its ability to reconcile growth and dynamism with equality and social peace and founded by business leaders with strong experience within the fields of sustainability and digitalisation, the Irish Norwegian Chamber of Commerce is strongly positioned to lead its members through these changing and opportunistic times.

Competence and Expertise Offered

A valuable & diverse network
The exchange of knowledge and experience.
Invitations to events – both physical and digital
Recognition for being a progressive business – aligning with the values of the INCC
Access to mentoring programming
Access to Pan Nordic Baltic Business Network
Eligibility to be nominated for the Irish Nordic Business Award, a pan Nordic Baltic collaboration

Expertise sought

To bring critical topics for business and society forward for discussion.
To nurture more collaboration between Irish and Norwegian companies, public and private.
To build a network where businesses connect, collaborate and support each other.
Financial Support