The organization was established in August 2011 to promote the interests of those affected after the terrorist attack that killed 77 people.

The terrorist attacks on July 22 affected a large number of people, and municipalities across the country were affected. In addition to support work to and between members the organization have a number of people who talk about their experiences connected to the terror attack. They connect it to extremism, hate speech, the need for democracy/the worries connected to democratic decline, living in an inclusive society, the need for broad reprecentation.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Though more than 12 years of work we have gained broad unwanted knowledge connected to living as affected by terror. We have a goal to use that knowledge voluntarily to discuss and educate others on all issues connected. We do speaking engagements to schools, organizations, political actors and more. We promote the importance of including issues in education. We advice the EU and the UN and support organizations after terror attacks in other countries.

Expertise sought

We are always looking ot learn from others, to share experiences, to show how those affected by terror are important dialogue partners for governments, political parties, civil society and other actors.