The Oslo Center is an independent, proffessional and politically relevante democracy assistance center.

In acknowledging the importance of legal frameworks, the Oslo Center assists in the development and revision of constitutions, election laws, political party laws and laws regulating the financing of political parties and election campaigns. Additionally, the Oslo Center assists in the process of operationalizing legislation through regulations, guides and handbooks. The Oslo Center underlines the importance of adhering to international legal obligations and humanitarian standards in constitutions and other legislation.
Activities: Org. development of central and local org. youth activities,

Competence and Expertise Offered

Senior Advisors to build political parties, develop organisations and evolve on a journey to build and strengthen democracy.
Processual support to build sustainabel organisations, processes with government. Develop youth organisation. Build and develop non corruption and transparency mindset. Human rights expertise, focus on gender and equality

Expertise sought

Interesting to partner with civil societies, local NGO based on working in hte same areas as the Oslo Center. Democracy assistance, youth organisations and human right based organisation, education in general and organisation with gender focus.