Our goal is: to care for the rights, education, development, health, safety, subjectivity, dignity and equal life opportunities of youth.

The project is a civic initiative aimed at increasing the social involvement of non-governmental organizations in supporting women in need. The project concerns supporting women in a crisis caused by various factors: domestic violence, unemployment, addictions, etc. The project primarily targets women who have experienced domestic violence, are depressed or addicted. The second target group is social workers, psychologists, lawyers and organizations working on this topic.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We conduct care and educational activities, as well as preventive and intervention activities, teacher training and educational skills development workshops for parents, as well as holiday and integration camps. We support education in rural areas by running kindergarten points and additional educational activities for children. We conduct family therapy, provide legal, psychological, pedagogical and social counseling in the functioning of the child and family.

Expertise sought

We are looking for simmilar NGO to ours from Norway.