The Tipping Point (TTP) empowers the youth, even at the most remote Greek islands, to consciously take their once-in-a-lifetime decisions.

TTP aims to empower the youth to enhance their consciousness, when taking their most critical decisions, and to make learning more experiential, engaging and relevant to real life.
With the use of technology, students from around Greece, broaden their horizons & choices, receive answers to their questions from professionals worldwide, whom otherwise they could never meet.
Possible project ideas: TTP program implementation in communities/schools abroad, e-trainings for youth/students, raise awareness regarding specific issues and increase student engagement, exchange of good practices.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Technology, know-how, network.
TTP program is being implemented in 200+ schools, with the contribution of 350+ educators, 10,000+ participating students and the support of 15+ foundations, companies and organizations.
The digital platform used for the program, is safe, structured and user-friendly, even for people who do not feel confident with technology.
Moreover, TTP has implemented side projects regarding people with disabilities engagement, early education pupils and university students.

Expertise sought

TTP has established a strong network with 200+ schools all over Greece and 1,500+ professionals/role-models from around the world. We are looking for cooperators passionate for education and innovation, eager to use technology as a tool for non-formal education, with whom we can upscale and extend this network, increase TTP program’s impact and give the opportunity to youth across the globe to get prepared for the workplace of tomorrow and pursue conscious, happy lives.