Together Cyprus targets all 17 SDGs and aims the active involvement of citizens in both environmental and social issues

– horizontal strategy of social welfare and circular economy.

In addition the term Corporate Social Responsibility – is a priority for any possible collaboration we develop.

The philosophy of our organization is to build synergies with entities that act and contribute to addressing local to global problems by uniting and acting together

Few of Past and ongoing EU Projects:
– Gardens of the Future
– Fruits of Life
– Precious Like Plastic
– IUCN_Closing the plastic loop
– Prince Albert Foundation II_Beat Plastic Cyprus
– National cleanup campaign_Let’s Do It Cyprus

Competence and Expertise Offered

Together Cyprus,, can facilitate:
– Project Management
– Assist in grant agreement
– Disseminate project results and ensuring the protection of any intellectual property developed during the project

Together Cyprus is involved in the sectors of:
Corporate Social Responsibility
UN Sustainable Development Goals & Circular Economy
Social Marketing
Social and Community inclusion
Economic Prosperity
Environmental Protection and Engineering
Research field i.e. GIS, Data Analysis

Expertise sought

We are open to any project that deals with active citizenship on the axis of sustainable development