TOF works towards transforming the futures of communities globally through development, support and nurture of sustainable and sound practices.

Its three spheres of work include: (I) Sustainable Processes and Sound Practices; (II) Well-being, Livelihoods and Innovation, and (III) Global Change: Coping, Adapting and Encompassing. Core areas covered include environment, social-economy, health and culture, agriculture-forestry and natural resources as well as climate-land use change. Other central areas are stakeholder engagement-management, institutions, and regulatory standards in a range of infrastructure and development intervention projects.

Competence and Expertise Offered

TOF provides professional advice; including on but limited to, risk/impact analysis-assessment and reporting, social and environmental methods and approach, managing and coordinating projects, and risk and project preparedness. TOF understands the importance of nurturing balance among stakeholders in projects. Informed communication and fostering sound-workable processes for clients are central to the core work of the organization.
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