Turing School is a social-enterprise, focused to make world class tech education available to all.

Since our beginning, we grew to an international organisation with teams in Lithuania, The Netherlands and Mexico, working towards the common vision of education.
As a non-profit, we run coding workshops, courses, public events and build communities around them. Through our work in this field we have found one key element: it is best to let students do the learning themselves. It is naive to say we can prepare our students for their future. Instead, we say we are preparing them to be able to successfully adapt to whatever the future might be. Which makes our students future-proof.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Turing School involves youth leaders, youth workers and trainers who have gained relevant experience in non-formal education both at local and international level, with a focus on peace and nonviolent education for community development. This ensures a clear understanding of the non-formal education principles on which the project is based as well as the capacity to deliver high quality training/seminar.