The mission – Twins and Multiple Birth Club is to promote the interests of families with multiples and to raise awareness about their specific needs.

– Support for families with twins and multiples, advocacy, and helping families with special needs
– Raising awareness about the special needs of families with multiple children
– Creating all the conditions and aspects necessary for improving the quality and quantity of the information provided to families with twins and multiples and promoting their interests with regards to the state authorities
– Presenting proposals and recommendations concerning all laws, regulations and activities that may affect the needs of families with multiple children in the Czech Republic

Competence and Expertise Offered

– Conferences, seminars and lectures attended by leading experts
– The metodical support of Twins and Multiple Birth Clubs all over the country
– Publications concerning issues that affect families with twins and multiples, including translations from foreign sources
– Consultation services for both people working with twins and multiples (medical staff, teachers, psychologists) and parents of twins and multiples, adolescent and adult twins.

Expertise sought

– sharing information and experience
– exchanging scientific
– creation twins database for scientific purposes