Our assosiation, as the only providing social services on the most remote island in Croatia, Lastovo, works daily on equal rights of vunerable groups.

The objectives of our organisation are to improve the quality of life, especially children, young people and elderly on the island of Lastovo, to train children and young people for active and responsible participation in society, taking over civic duties and resposibilities. We promote a culture of healthy living and environmental awareness, encouraging democratic initiatives and the development of civil society. We stimulate intergenerational solidarity and protect the cultural heritage of our small island as a part of Europe.

Competence and Expertise Offered

A work experience over 14 years with vulnerable groups leads us to initiate a bottom up democratic procedure through the establishment of a working group consisting domestic members of older and people with disabilities, young people, civil society members and volunteers in order to work on recognizing unrealised legitimate rights of a societies frame.

Expertise sought

We adress possible partners to work with us on the development of policies, regulations and practices that contribute to the harmonization of citizens’ social and health rights in our country. The working methods will be public opinion polls, public debates, legislative framework surveys, making recommendations and ultimately advocating institutions from the local to the state level. With Your help we want to get insight of practices in Your country that can help us in achieving our goals.