Behind Unite’s creation in 2015 lay a simple ambition: to
help businesses optimise and digitise their processes.

We focus on digitizing and automizing processes which
ordinary ERP, CRM or MES systems do not cover, and which
require a certain number of adjustments to the needs and
nature of the production company.
Our software solutions help:
• optimize and automize production and support processes,
in particular in production companies
• digitize and evaluate data,
• connect IT systems, both internal and external
• (with suppliers and third parties)

Competence and Expertise Offered

By working with our clients, we gain a deeper knowledge
of their internal processes and data, which allows us
to propose a more effective and complex extension
to the existing app. Our cooperation thus turns into
a partnership, and we can add new functions and
modules to the basic solution.

Expertise sought

We would like to find new partners for upcoming opportunities for future. We would like to create a strong partnership for creating better enviroment in field of inovation.