Our mission is to help individuals in recognizing their own potential as humans, so that they can find fulfilment both privately and socially.

We are interested in acting as a partner in projects financed within EOG, Erasmus+ Action 2 Strategic Partnerships and similar.

Areas of our particular interest:
– Innovative solutions in various areas of social life
– Education
– Promoting the idea of lifelong learning
– Work-life balance
– Protection of human and civil rights
– Knowledge-based society
– Shared responsibility on active cooperation in the development of civil society
– Promoting and strengthening the idea of the rule of law
– Social exclusion (particularly children and persons 50+)
– Fake news and disinformation in democracy

Competence and Expertise Offered

Description of competence and expertise offered
– Conducting scientific research (social sciences),
– Creation & implementation of educational programmes
– Training
– Preparation of reports, audits etc.
– Co-ordination & project management
– Implementation of project’s documents (timetables, plans, policies, etc.)
– Organising of seminars and dissemination events

Expertise sought

We seek partners with ideas for potential joint projects, matching our mission and experience.

We will seriously consider every enquiry and proposal, even relating to different fields than above if they are interesting and match our general mission.