Volleyball club for people with disabilities Zrinski was founded with the aim of promoting and developing disability volleyball (sitting volleyball).

The club is a non-profit organization that is not established for the purpose of making a profit and does not perform economic activity.
The club was founded with the goal:
– promotion and development of disabled volleyball (sitting volleyball)
– gathering as many disabled people from the Homeland War and other persons with disabilities into sports in order to accept their own handicap and sports as a form of rehabilitation and the opportunity to spend free time;
– satisfying the need for preservation, maintenance, improvement and improvement of psychophysical abilities and health;

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have experience in 2 Erasmus+ Sport projects and we are open and eager to cooperate on all levels with partners we can collaborate on same goals and with which we are sharing same vision.
– encouraging pupils and students to get involved in volunteer programs to help people with disabilities through joint sports activities.
– taking measures and creating conditions for the improvement of professional work by organizing seminars, forums, round tables and similar gatherings;

Expertise sought

We are searching for similar NGOs to collaborate on projects with same goals and with which we are sharing same vision.