W Magazine is an ecological footprint pioneer media of global diffusion based in Lisbon European Green Capital 2020, Portugal.

The main field of work in W Magazine is news. The media has the responsibility of issuing an editorial line linking democratic principles in the political, economic, social, sport, cultural and other fields, at international level, based on an open society that does not set national boundaries for communication in the digital age of information in the networked world.

Beliz’Arte trade mark is linked to W Magazine media to make it true, projects in areas like arts, or cultural events, climate change matchmaking, Campaigns, Publishing and Advertising W Green Ads, etc.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Expertise – Innovation – ©W Green Ads – Advertising plays a very important role in today’s era, to companies and businesses around the world, as well as the fight against climate change globally. ©W Magazine ramps up sustainable measures in ads, campaigns and advertising that it introduces into the media in Portugal, in order to help educate the masses, in order to protect the planet, while at the same time getting the best audience with the best environmental pratices.

Expertise sought

W Magazine is looking for International Partners. Make your proposal. The media was born to thinking about the environment globally. So, the purpose of this partnership is to jointly inform, integrate, educate, expand, interact, connect people and entities, projects and campaings, together in cooperation.