The goal of Water and Life Bulgaria foundation is to improve the living conditions in city ghettoes by providing access to water and basic services.

Water and Life Bulgaria is a foundation in public benefit registered under the Bulgarian law in 2018. The main objective of the foundation is to provide access to water and sanitation for people living in precarious urban areas. Further, W&L BG provides tailor-made trainings in waste management, hygiene and fire-fighting. W&L BG carries out activities related to community mobilization, empowerment, and partnership building.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Project management and lead construction works related to providing access to water and sanitation in precarious urban areas; design and carry out hygiene and fire-fighting sessions; waste managemnt training, and community strenghtening and mobilization.

Expertise sought

– Exchange of good practices;
– Institutional and partnership building;
– Advocacy and mobilization of municipal and governmental institutions.