WAM offers support to underprivileged people who don’t always have access to certain services/information that could help them improve their life.

The services we provide come in addition to the ones already offered to the beneficiaries by other private or governmental institutions and, even though they are mainly addressed to children, their multidisciplinary nature allows us to also intervene in the extended family.
Together with our collaborators we try to cover as many identified needs as possible, by implementing personalized prevention and intervention programs based on social counseling and guidance, individual or group psychotherapy, discussions on medical topics, cultural and educational services.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our multidisciplinary team can offer expertise in: project management and project writing, social, psychological and juridical counseling, educational programs for disadvantaged categories, punctual and long term interventions in rural communities.

Expertise sought

We are looking for other NGOs who can provide and share functional working models, expertise, and their experience in the following main domains: education, working in communities, implementing long term projects.