Established in 2002 with the aim of prevention and combating sexual violence, providing direct support and assistance to sexual violence survivors.

Within the scope of the Women’s Room, the Center for Victims of Sexual Violence provides direct assistance and support to persons who have survived sexual violence. We actively work on developing public policies, prevention programs, improvement of legislation, implementing specialized education as well as raising awareness about the problem of sexual violence. We are coordinator of the Network of Support and Cooperation for Victims and Witnesses of Criminal Offences and through this project we will strengthen Network’s capacity and analyse support system in Croatia with aim of improving it.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have a long experience in working on a field of gender based violence, with emphasis on sexual violence. We have expertise in direct work with survivors of sexual violence, in working on development of public policies, in implementing specialized educations and in raising awareness about sexual violence.
More information about our work can be found on the website: Also, for any additional information you can contact us (

Expertise sought

We are searching for a partner organization/institution that is working on the field of supporting witnesses and victims of criminal offences, with emphasis on the system of compensation to crime victims, who would be open for cooperation and exchange of good practices between countries.