A nomadic, cultural NGO roaming rural and urban communities. We deliver site-specific projects, employing socially engaged and participatory practices

We specialise in community engagement, creative direction, project management, research, education and practice in the fields of communication design, social design (incl. service design, co-design and design activism), architecture, visual arts (incl. fine art, performance art and experiential dance), cultural heritage, with a strong interest in humans and the environment.

We are interested in bottom-up, participatory and socially engaging projects, and are now working on social innovation projects, incl. mobile museum concepts, arts festivals, womens’ coffeeshops, online story platforms

Competence and Expertise Offered

We offer design and co-design services as well as curation, production and facilitation of cultural, participatory and socially engaged initiatives.

We organise, curate and manage interdisciplinary art festivals, multi-artists’ residencies, exhibitions, workshops, talks, lectures, communication design initiatives e.g. communication strategies, campaigns, films, print publications and oral history initiatives, fostering inter-communal and cross-cultural dialogue and activate public engagement.

Expertise sought

We are looking for cooperation in any of the following topics: capacity building and training in project management, financial reporting, collaborative leadership, socially engaged practices, bottom-up methodologies, empathic methods of delivering projects, and research.