Youth Mental Health Norway is a project based membership organization. We have national and international projects that promotes mental health.

Main components of our organization:
* Advocacy/Human Rights
* Awareness of mental health
* Mental Health services for youth
* 20 local chapters
* Capacity building
*Youth participation

Possible project ideas:
* national helpline/chat
* school programs on mental health
* social activities that promotes participants empowerment (example: climbing, boxing, public speaking)
* awareness campaigns
* memberchip exhange between organizations

Competence and Expertise Offered

1. Human rights advocacy: we have developed skills and experience in advocacy and lobbying for health and rehabilitation activities through a variety of projects.
2. Civil society and organizational development: we have experience in running a transparent, legitimate and representative democratic organization, working together with local and national governments to achieve goals.
3. Service delivery: we have established services for the target group alone, and in collaboration with government

Expertise sought

We seek partners who:
– are interested in learning more about youth participation
– are keen to develop projects that range from 3-5 years
– have experience with nordic partners and capacity to adhere to routines of reporting and financial management