We are a NGO developing educational and awareness-raising programmes to address current societal challenges.

Our local projects are focused on the preservation of rural cultural and natural heritage. We organise workshops to teach old handicraft skills (eg. weaving with natural materials) and workshops to present the importance of biotic diversity and how to support it. We organize guided archaeological tours to show people the footprints of ancestors in the landscape. Our activities for youth and children are focused on education about values (respect towards heritage and nature) but also on their personal development (eg. communication skills, teamwork, tolerance, active citizenship etc.)

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our team has the following expertise: 1) cultural heritage preservation (archaeological, architectural, handicrafts and other), 2) herbalism with know-how on the preservation of biotic diversity 3) educators w. vast experience working with children and youth 4) organizing educational events 5) nonformal education methods 6) communication (NVC, peer-mediation, ADR) 7) advocacy.

Expertise sought

We are looking for partners that share our values in terms of: preservation of cultural and natural heritage, civic and youth education, developing values, youth work in rural areas and sustainable rural development in order to implement projects focused on a common wellbeing, manifesting a respectful cohabitation of people in relation to nature and other people.