Is a voluntary, NGO for the research on conscience and conscientiousness. It researches the origin and sense of conscience; it supports conscientious.

The main field of our work is the development of conscientious (sustainably meaningful) tools for higher personal quality of life. Our project is a patented spatial tool, a chain of rooms or cabins named Prebujevalnica® with multimedia shows for intentional increase of consciousness. It enables an individual to increase the level of personal spiritual awakening (consciousness) for easier and faster overcoming of personal issues, for protection of health, freedom, autonomy and independence.

Competence and Expertise Offered

The Conscience Institute grants the permission for the production and construction of Prebujevalnica® rooms – the Insulated Multimedia Spaces – according to patent 24480, registered at the Slovenian Office for Intellectual Property. It also ensures the supply and usage of multimedia contents, created in accordance with the original approach, which serve a user as a tool for increasing consciousness and for easier and faster realization of all of his/her noble life goals.

Expertise sought

The organization which is willing to join this project must provide the financial means for the construction of Prebujevalnica® room in their area and for the independent expert measurements of the effectuality of the contents. The persons in charge must understand and be able to explain professionally why the intentional increase of level of personal spiritual awakening (consciousness) is priceless in every life area, for every individual and community.