NGO focused on prevention, social inclusion and empowerment programs for people with fewer opportunities and youth.

Our focus groups are: youth and disabled (injured in traffic and another accidents). We focus on three main areas that are intertwined: – preventive programs in areas where the cause of traffic accidents (non-compliance with traffic rules), alcohol and other drugs, and other accidents; – work with young people (prevention, leisure and promotion of a healthy lifestyle); – the inclusion of persons with fewer opportunities – disabled people (social integration and empowerment, advocacy).

Competence and Expertise Offered

We are NGO experienced in developing and caring out innovative inclusion, youth and preventive programs in local, national, international environment. Programs include activities as social marketing campaigns, trainings, discussions, workshops, etc. We have connections with local and national NGOs, public institutions, youth organizations, schools, commercial companies, …

Expertise sought

Advocacy, empowerment, social inclusion.