Zdravi grad – Healthy City, HC), is a non-profit organization in Croatia, working on social incluson, mental health and ecosustainable development.

1. Psychosocial support of vulnerable groups program- we have created a more appropriate and innovative regulatory framework for the local social welfare system, support different kind of vulnerable groups.
3. Eco-sustainable development and protection of the cultural heritage- actively promoting the intangible cultural heritage of deprived areas. We have restored, reconstructed and protected several sites of ancient wells (10). We are actively helping local marinas in their sustainable development.
4. Mental Health program – continually focused on mental health education and preventive.

Competence and Expertise Offered

HC counts many successful EU, international and national projects, cooperating with scientific institutions, ministries, educational, economic, health, county, and administrative entities. The president of HC is Ph.D. Andrea Russo, Associate Professor, a psychologist with many years of work experience. NGO numbers 4 employees, highly educated experts. The organization has experience in implementing projects financed by the European Social Fund, Interreg program, IPA, Justice program etc.

Expertise sought

We seek partner with experience in project implementation, with knowledge and experience, cooperative and diligent.