multidisciplinary, evidence-based research, evaluations and trainings on issues of migration, (domestic) violence, (mental) health, stress.

Projects in the field of:
– (mental) health; (mental) health services; stress and work-related stress;
– gender based violence and domestic violence;
– migration – social inclusion, integration, labour market participation, gender issues;
– rurality, farming
– gender, work-life balance;
– social inclusion of various groups;
– digital inclusion, technologies;

Competence and Expertise Offered

– expertise in the fields of migration, (mental) health, gender-based violence including (domestic) violence; gender issues, farming, agriculture, stress;
– multidisciplinary group of sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, medical professionals;
– expertise in designing training modules, activities;
– qualitative and quantitative evaluation of activities, projects, etc.
– linkage to various stakeholders in the field of migration, (mental) health, rural issues, (domestic) violen