A note on funding mechanisms under the Active Citizens Fund: 

There are two main types of projects:

  • Partnership projects, which are larger and can go over several years. Only beneficiary country project promoters may initiate the project, Norwegian partners may only be invited to join. At present there are no longer any calls for partnership projects remaining in the 2014-2021 programme.
  • Bilateral initiatives or bilateral funds projects (both terms are used). These finance activities such as partner search, conferences, workshops, study tours as well as outreach activities and are a more flexible source of funding. Norwegian partners may initiate these partnerships.

For the moment, as we are in the last phase of the 2014-2021 program (with the last projects set to end in 2024), there are no calls for partnership projects. There are still, however, many opportunities for bilateral initiatives.Check the links below for country-specific information.

Active Citizens Fund calls that are open for donor country partnerships:


N.B.: Before sending in an application, be sure to check with the Fund Operator (follow the link with the country name) whether the call is still open. Deadlines can change if the funds are exhausted.


  • Restricted Ongoing Call for proposals on Bilateral Initiatives (call guidelines)
    Deadline: 31 October 2023
    Total budget: 65.000€
    Project size: 8000 €

Czech Republic

  • An Ongoing Call for Proposals on Bilateral Projects (call guidelines)
    Deadline: 31 August 2023
    Total budget: 100 000€
    Project size: 8000€


  • Open Call for Proposals for Bilateral Initiatives (call guidelines)
    Deadline: applications are accepted on a rolling basis and decisions are made within two weeks of the submission of applications
    Total budget: 20 000€
    Project size: 2500€


  • Bilateral Cooperation Initiatives (call guidelines)
    Deadline: 31 October 2023
    Budget: 142 000€
    Project budget: 6000€


  • Bilateral Cooperation (call guidelines)
    Deadline: 31 June 2024
    Budget: 70 000€
    Project size: 15 000€


  • Bilateral Cooperation Initiatives (call guidelines)
    Deadline: 29 September 2023
    Budget: 90 000€
    Project size: 6000€


  • Bilateral Fund (call guidelines)
    Deadline: continuously open call
    Budget: 100 000€
    Project size: 10 000€


  • Bilateral relations (call guidelines)
    Deadline: 31 October 2023
    Budget: 30.000€
    Project size: 5000€


The information above is updated as frequently as possible, but discrepancies may arise. Check out www.eeagrants.org for an overview of all EEA grants (not limited to the Active Citizens Fund).