In the face of the escalating climate crisis, proactive measures and collective action are paramount. The project “ECHO! – Strenghtening Eco-Activism for Urgent Climate Action” launched by Green Action and Nature and Youth, aims to confront the climate emergency head-on and cultivate a resilient network of climate activists in Croatia and beyond.

Through collaborative efforts, the participating organizations conducted workshops, trainings, and advocacy campaigns to build awareness and drive meaningful change.

Bringing together youth from across Europe

The journey of the ECHO project began with meticulous research and mapping of various organizations involved in climate activism. Recognizing the importance of leadership development, the project team embarked on a mission to collect existing tools and create a comprehensive repository for learning and knowledge sharing.

In partnership with “The Commons – Social Change Library”, an online platform dedicated to social justice education, the project contributed to the expansion of valuable resources for activists on a global scale.

ECHO! – Strengthening Eco-Activism for Urgent Climate Action

  • Building a dynamic climate movement and network for youth, to inspire public advocacy and an urgent response to the climate crisis.
  • Partners: Green Action, Nature and Youth, Pan Association for Environment and Nature Protection, Eko-Zadar and Brod Ecological Society
  • Grant awarded: € 149,850
  • Project period: December 2020 – November 2022

A highlight of the project was the “Climatopia” seminar, held in September 2022. Over five days, thirty young activists, students and volunteers from Norway, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, North Macedonia and Ukraine gathered in a sustainable farm in the tranquil Croatian countryside near Karlovac.

Participants collaborated to exchange ideas and strategies, fostering collective solutions on various climate topics. Photo: Green Action / Flickr

Co-creating common advocacy strategies

At the camp, the participants engaged in discussions, idea sharing, and co-creation of advocacy strategies. With plenty of time and space, the attendees bonded through games and cross-organizational socializing, fostering enduring relationships. Participants gained valuable insights into the complexities of climate activism and the importance of collective action.

A notable achievement of the project was the establishment of a legal lab, providing training in legal actions for climate activists. Referencing cases like the Norwegian climate lawsuit presented by Greenpeace, participants acquired valuable insights into impactful legal tactics aimed at holding governments and corporations accountable for their environmental actions.

We had the chance to present our experience in coordinating groups and the way we organize for climate justice in Norway, as well as network, exchange best practices and see how we can work together in the future.Nature and Youth, on their website

A variety of workshops and activities enriched the experience at the Climatopia seminar. Photo: Green Action / Flickr

Various workshops and activities enriched the Climatopia seminar experience. Additionally, a one-day study trip to the island of Krk, amidst the Adriatic Climate Camp, provided participants with the opportunity to engage with other climate activists and explore innovative approaches to climate action.

At Krk, the participants of Climatopia had the opportunity to go through more workshops and discussions, and to provide support to their colleagues from Croatia and Europe.Green Action, on their website

Paving the way for a more sustainable future

The success of Climatopia underscores the importance of inclusive and participatory approaches to climate activism. By cultivating a safe and supportive environment for learning and collaboration, the camp empowered participants to strive for change within their communities.

The ECHO project emphasized inclusive and participatory strategies for tackling climate challenges. Photo: Green Action / Flickr

Looking ahead, the legacy of the ECHO project extends beyond its implementation period. Through increased capacity-building, knowledge sharing, and network expansion, the project lays the groundwork for sustained climate action and policy advocacy in Croatia and beyond.

The ECHO project and Climatopia camp serve as inspiring examples of how grassroots activism can drive positive change in the face of global crises. Through mobilizing resources, fostering collaboration, and empowering activists, these initiatives not only spark positive change but also pave the way for a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.

View Green Action’s picture series from the Climatopia camp here.


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Written by Lara Emilie Jonsson,