Transparency International (TI) has for several years worked for greater openness and better access for the public to information about real owners of companies. In April 2016, Transparency International Slovakia was on a study visit in Norway.

The host for the visit was Transparency International Norway. The two organizations share a common interest in  studying more closely the process of transparency about ownership and corporate structures as these are key elements in the work against corruption, money laundering and tax evasion nationally and internationally.

TI Norway has been one of the initiators of an important process for establishing a legal, searchable ownership register for companies. Many civil society actors have joined in this common effort to determine the government to initiate this work.

During TI Slovakia’s visit to Norway, the Slovak delegation met with most of the stakeholders who participated in this process. The meetings gave TI Slovakia and TI Norway a better understanding of why it is urgent to get a solution. According to TI Norway, this is a problem that requires a global approach and global solutions.

TI Slovakia and TI Norway had meetings with Tax Justice Network Norway, the Ombudsman, Finans Norge, journalist Vegard Venli from the Municipal Report and the Press Association (Presseforbundet).

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Photo: TI Norge.