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Would you like to learn more about the inspiring experience of organisations and institutions working on topic such as the situation in Belarus, deradicalisation, women’s rights and local initiatives as response to COVID-19?

ACF Poland have a series of inspiring online meetings with organisations from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway 7.-11. December:

7. December (12-13:30 pm) – on cooperation with Belarusian organisations and support for immigrants/teachers from Belarus (in Polish). During the meeting, together with representatives of Belarusian organisations we will discuss the following topics:

1) Presentation of the current situation in Belarus, 2) Opportunities for cooperation with Belarusian organisations, 3) The situation of Belarusians in Poland – what support is needed?

For safety reasons, we will only provide information about the experts
to registered participants.

8. December (10-11:30) – on deradicalisation, dialogue over divisions and prevention of hate crimes – inspirations from Norway (in English). Speakers includes:

  • Abetare Krasniqi (Police superintendent, Specialist in hate crime) from the Oslo Police
  • Monika Kochowicz from the No Hate Speech movement and from the Newschool
  • Ingvild Kallevik from the LIN – Likestilling, Inkludering og Nettverk

8. December (12.00 to 14:00) – on women’s rights (including advocacy initiatives) – inspirations from Iceland and Liechtenstein (in English). Speakers include:

  • Brynhildur Heiðar- og Ómarsdóttir from the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association (IWRA)
  • Kristin Astgeirsdottir from the IceFemIn
  • Toril Hogstad from the Municipality of Kristiansand

11. December (12.00 to 13:30) on grassroots/local initiatives to support communities (including vulnarable groups) during a pandemic – inspirations from Norway (in English). Speakers include:

  • Eszter Vuojala from the Abloom
  • Elsa Skjong from the FRI – The Norwegian Organization for Sexual and Gender Diversity
  • Kim Henrik Gronert from the Municipality of Kristiansand


ACF Poland also offer support in searching for a partner and organizing the first ice-breaking meeting – more:

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