The events that took place during the weekend of 18-19 November 2016 in Technopolis – City of Athens, on the occasion of the EEA Grants NGO programme completion, attracted more than 3,500 citizens. The visitors had the opportunity to attend the achievements of a vibrant and dynamic civil society, and to come into contact with the work of more than 40 non-governmental organizations, institutions and representatives of civil society from all over Greece, as well as a particularly rich kids activities program , young people, families, thinking and active citizenship.

Check out the interactive map of all projects here.

The contribution of the EEA Grants Greek NGO program “We are all Citizens” to the purpose of strengthening civil society in Greece is undeniable. With 76 projects implemented throughout Greece – involving 65 project promoters, 40 partners and reaching more than 100 000 people as direct beneficiaries – the EEA Grants have had an immediate and significant impact in enhancing Greek NGOs services and contribution. The Little Stories Book availabe online depicts some of the most impressive projects implemented.

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