In addition to working as partners, you can also participate in study visits, experience exchange meetings, conferences and seminars to strengthen bilateral relations between Norway and the beneficiary countries.

You can cooperate with a partner from a beneficiary country in the following areas:

  • Democracy, active citizenship, good governance and transparency
  • Human rights and equal treatment through combating any discrimination on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Social justice and inclusion of vulnerable groups
  • Gender equality and gender-based violence
  • Environment and climate change

More specific topics for cooperation are defined by the fund operators of the Active Citizens Fund in each beneficiary country.

Norwegian organisations may benefit from the Active Citizens Fund via two measures:

  • Project support – projects where a partnership with Norwegian organizations is encouraged. Funds are made available through open calls launched in each beneficiary country. Projects can run over several years.
  • Bilateral initiatives – short initiatives promoting exchange of experience through in-person meetings, conferences, workshops, study visits and partnership development. Funds are made available through open calls. Contrarily to project support, Norwegian entities can take the initiative and apply directly to the Fund Operator.

August 2022 status: Most calls for projects in the 2014-2021 programme have now passed. However, there remains considerable funding available in bilateral initiatives.

Tips and advice for establishing partnerships

How to go about?
What is the application process?
Selection procedure
Why should you cooperate?

Follow the open calls calendar to see when ACF funding becomes available in the beneficiary countries.

Open calls calendar