Through open calls, the Fund operator will support a number of projects across Slovakia in the areas of:

  • Strengthened civil society advocacy and watchdog role
  • Increased support for human rights and civic education
  • Vulnerable groups empowered
  • Enhanced capacity and sustainability of civil society

The calls are open until 22 January 2020.

The financial allocation in this call for proposals is 420,000 €.

ACF’s financial resources are intended to actively involve citizens in decision-making and public policy-making, improve governance, strengthen human rights protection, improve civic education and strengthen the position of vulnerable groups in society. The program also has a particular interest in promoting bilateral contacts between partners from donor countries and Slovak organizations.

Grant size

The minimum and maximum grant amount per grant shall be as follows: 30,000 € – 65,000 €.

Partnerships at project level will also be encouraged through favourable scoring of projects with donor state partners and by increased grant ceilings (up to 80,000 €) to finance bilateral activities within supported projects.

Project duration

The duration of projects in this call for proposals must be as follows: 12 – 18 months.

Time frame

Deadline for submitting project applications: 22 January 2020, 23:59 (CET)
Publishing of project application evaluation results (indicative): 30 April 2020
Indicative start of project implementation: June 2020.

For more information on the call, guidelines and application process please visit the Fund operator’s website.