The second call for thematic projects for the Active Citizens Fund Regional programme in Poland is underway!

Foundations, associations, social cooperatives, rural housewife circles, and other organisations can apply for financing.

Donor state entities (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein), whether they be private, public or non-profit, may join as project partners.

Norwegian entities: be sure to register your organisation in our database if you want to participate! Do it here.

The deadline for submitting proposals is March 25, 2022, at 12.00 (noon) CET.

The amount designated for grants for the call is set at 8 million EUR.Grants will be awarded for activities in four areas listed below.

  • Outcome 1. Human rights protection (including gender equality): EUR 1,805,281 (EEA Grants: EUR 1,805,281),
  • Outcome 2. Promoting social diversity and preventing exclusion: EUR 1,961,565 (EEA Grants: EUR 1,661,565, Norway Grants: EUR 300,000),
  • Outcome 3. Building democratic culture and civic engagement at local level (including activism for environment and climate change): EUR 2,887,580 (EEA Grants: EUR 2,477,580, Norway Grants: EUR 410,000).
  • Outcome 4. Supporting the development of civic sector (implemented as module in Outcome 1–3 projects): EUR 1,364,830 (EEA Grants: EUR 1,364,830)

There are two types of grants available in the call for proposals: small grants and large grants.

  • Small grants:
    • Projects from EUR 6,000 to 23,000
    • 6 to 15 months project implementation period
    • Donor state entities are entitled to up to 15% of the basic grant amount.
  • Large grants:
    • EUR 23,001 to 84,000
    • 12 to 20 months project implementation period
    • Donor state entities are entitled to a supplementary 15% of the basic grant amount (up to EUR 12,600).